The Need and Role of Quality Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks for SEO are vital. You can call them indispensable for the long-term growth and stability of your website or brand. Backlinks are also called incoming or inbound links in SEO parlance.

The process of creating backlinks is simple. All you have to do is get your website link posted within the content of any other website. For example, if an online gift store links its website page to a blog post comparing the best anniversary gifts of 2022; it means the anniversary gift website is getting a backlink from the online gift store. 

Place your keywords in the middle of sentences on relevant anchor text only. These types of backlinks for SEO perform better than others as they are directly relevant to the topics and interlinked with the focus keywords used in the article or content.

Through backlinks, Google understands that another website found your content useful to publish your link to it. The websites receiving more backlinks tend to stand ahead of other websites in similar niches on top of the SERPs. 

Types of Backlinks for SEO You Should Know

Do-Follow Backlinks 

Unless otherwise stated, most backlinks that you see within articles have do-follow backlinks. These links help in enhancing your domain or page authority.

No-Follow Backlinks

The various links that we come across on social media sites are no-follow backlinks. They don’t directly help your website but indirectly help in publicizing your site. 

Comment Backlinks

In the last few years, these type of backlinks for SEO have become popular. Under comment backlinks, a user can post their backlink within the comment they wish to post on another site. However, here the context is the key. If your backlink doesn’t relate to the context of the post, don’t post there.

Press Release Backlinks

If you are a brand and have recently made an announcement that got published on a popular PR website, it can give you a backlink to your website. When the PR site is famous, your backlink will work even more.

Guest Article Bio Backlink

Some websites don’t allow you to post backlinks for SEO in an article. However, you can create a bio with a backlink to your website. When someone comes across your bio, they can certainly click on the link, and thus, you can drive quality traffic to your site.

High-quality Media Backlinks

When certain big publications cite your content link or website URL in their articles and opinion pieces, it’s called editorial backlinks or high-quality media backlinks. 

You need to write really an informative and engaging post to attract the media people to use your content or site as a referral link in their article or news analysis. 

Backlinks for SEO through Guest Blogging

You will often come across ‘write guest posts for us’ on several sites. What does it mean? It means these websites invite articles from various authors and writers to contribute to the site with an editorial backlink to their site. 

Is It Easy to Build Quality Backlinks for SEO

It’s not easy. You have to constantly look out for various ways to get quality backlinks. While creating quality content is the key, tweaking your SEO strategies can also help.

Here are some simple tips to build quality backlinks to get editorial backlinks 

  • Keep publishing informative and trendy articles on your website.
  • Use high-quality infographics—you can get backlinks from an image URL also.
  • Regularly post new articles and continue to update your previous articles with the latest information if applicable.
  • Integrate easy-to-share social buttons or plugins on your site. It helps your readers share your website content within their social media networks. 

Top 3 Tips To Find The Right Sites For Backlinks For SEO

Domain Authority or DA: The site where you submit your guest post must have a DA of 40 or more.

Total Backlinks: A website with more backlinks indicates its credibility in the market. You should select a website, which has received plenty of backlinks. 

Spam Score: The website should have a spam score (SS) of 1—5. Less the spam score, the better will be the site’s goodwill. It also indicates the quality of backlinks the website has received so far.  

Alexa Ranking: You should select websites that come within the first 1,000,00—2,000,00 to generate backlinks for SEO.

In Conclusion
If you want to generate enough backlinks for SEO, research well. First of all, you have to write really good content that informs something new to readers. Then you have to make the right selection of sites where you can submit your guest posts. As suggested above, submitting your guest posts to the relevant niche websites with an Alexa ranking of 2,000,00 or less will be ideal for you.

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