9 Paid Part Time Jobs for Students in India

Getting a part-time is a great way to make a quick side income while studying in college or university. You can use this income to pay your bills, fund your weekend outs, and save extra cash. Still don’t believe it? Most Indian colleges and universities allow students to engage part-time for up to 20 hours a week, enabling them to earn income while studying. Here are paid part-time jobs for students.

1. Part Time Tutoring

Make the most of your academic efforts by becoming a part-time tutor. Most kids in the lower grades or fellow students always seek affordable tutor service providers to help them improve on specific subjects. You can either offer online tutoring or provide in-person tutoring services.

Remember, there’s no hard job description for part-time tutors. All you need is a good command of the subject you want to teach. You need a laptop/desktop and a reliable internet connection if you provide these services online.

2. Bookkeeping

Are you good with numbers? If so, bookkeeping is one of the well-paid part-time jobs for Indian students. Most startups and established firms often focus on cost optimization. As such, they prefer part-time accountants rather than full-time, in-house accountants. Some employers may even allow you to work on weekends.

As a part-time bookkeeper, you must have a background in accounting and finance. Your ability to maintain error-free business books can help you land a well-paying bookkeeping gig.

3. Bartending

If tutoring and booking aren’t your forte, try bartending or working in the hospitality sector. The nature of this job suits college and university schedules and pays an excellent hourly income or monthly salary.

To ensure excellent customer service, bartending requires effective communication and a friendly demeanor. Also, you must be mindful of the cleanliness of the entire bar area, and sometimes, you may need to maintain the cash register.

4. Tour Guide

Every Indian city has landmarks and areas that get tourists worldwide. This is an opportunity for Indian students to earn while still studying. Remember that this job requires you to ensure a seamless customer experience by communicating effectively and being friendly to your clients.

Tour guide is one of the seasonal and paid part-time jobs for students in India. Before you commit, ensure the peak tourist season doesn’t conflict with your academic exams. It also pays to have an inbuilt friendly demeanor and good networking.

5. Brand Promotion

Suppose you are an introvert who enjoys networking and public interactions. In that case, brand promotion is one of the top-paid part-time jobs for students like you. Being a brand ambassador or promoter is also a great learning opportunity if you pursue a degree in sales, marketing, or other business-related subjects.

This job requires you to personify the brand’s message and image with your communication and appearance. Distributing marketing materials such as free samples, coupons, and flyers is also part of your job as a brand promoter.

6. Indian Railways Ticket Agent

Did you know Indian Railways looks for unemployed people or students who want to make some cash to work as ticketing agents? These jobs are available in densely populated rural areas and metros. Note that you will need to apply for the job (Indian Railways booker) at the nearest railway station or office. This is a profitable job that you can do on a part-time basis and online. That means you can work while still in school.

7. Uber or Ola Driver

If you are a licensed driver with access to a good car, you can work part-time at Ola, Uber, or other reputable taxi aggregators in your city. Thousands of Indian students have earned a decent income by working part-time cabbies with different taxi aggregators. You can make Rs. 2000 a day if you have the time.

Remember, your monthly income as a part-time driver will depend on where you live and the specific routes you want to operate. Calculating your expenditure on fuel and car maintenance is recommended just to be sure you are making a good profit.

8. Fashion Photographer

Are you pursuing a photography-related course and have access to a good camera? Fashion photography requires a keen eye for detail and genuine passion. Most budding fashion designers and models need stunning pictures to market their talent and couture in India and the international market.

Local newspapers and magazines also look for talented and affordable fashion photographers. As a part-time photographer, you are better positioned to sell excellent pictures to such an organization. Besides, you get the chance to make a good income.

9. Event Management

As an Indian student, you probably know that most events, such as festivals, happen between October and May. Festivals and other related events also occur before and after monsoons. If you are good at networking and love organizing events, you can make some cash while studying in college or university.

So, check in with various event management companies to get a part-time job. You can find different opportunities, such as bartending, a DJ, food server, or event MC. While these jobs are often on an assignment basis, you can earn any amount from Rs. 500 to thousands daily. Remember, you must have the skill and passion for the job.

Final Thoughts

There are many paid part-time jobs for students in India. There comes a time in a student’s life when looking for a part-time job to gain experience or become financially independent is necessary. Regardless of your reasons for looking for a paid part-time gig, such jobs are beneficial in a country like India, where the job market is very competitive.

These nine part-time jobs are a great place to begin. Be sure to consider your passion, schedule, and other important factors when choosing a part-time job.

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