5 Ways to Find Content Writing Jobs for Students in India

Here’s good news – if you are a student and want to get paid to write, you’ve many opportunities, thanks to content marketing, blogging, self-publishing, and copywriting. Whether an experienced writer or a new writer with little to no experience, you can find content writing jobs for students. Here’s how.

Use LinkedIn
Many ideal clients are already using LinkedIn. However, cold pitching strategies may not be practical here. The secret is to build a great LinkedIn following and attract potential clients – users who need content. Once you get a significant following, there’s a chance you will have a steady flow of clients, and even when a contract ends, you won’t spend weeks cold-pitching potential clients. 

Note that a tremendous following means you have a steady flow of leads, and your account will continue to grow as you build your presence. Start by setting up your LinkedIn profile. Do all the basics – a high-quality profile photo, a catchy headline communicating you as a freelance writer, and a compelling summary about you. 

Use the ‘about’ section to narrate your story and how your expertise or skills can positively impact the individuals or brands you collaborate with. Next, connect with individuals you know, such as fellow students, lecturers/instructors, friends, business owners, and more. 

These connections will offer a foundation for growing your network and getting recommendations. These endorsements are social proof and can help your LinkedIn profile stand out from a pool of writers in the same industry. Additionally, positive reviews on your LinkedIn profile can boost your credibility as a new freelance writer. 

It’s also important to join writing groups on LinkedIn. These groups often focus on blogging, copywriting, content creation, and more. Networking within such groups can lead to potential content writing job opportunities. After all, hiring managers and business owners often take note of LinkedIn users who share excellent content marketing insights. Remember, reaching out to potential clients with a customized message can also help you get a content writing job.

Approach Digital Marketing Companies 

All digital marketing agencies need reliable writers; most may be willing to take a chance on trainable writers. Working with a marketing agency can also help improve your skills as editors for such agencies provide detailed and professional feedback regularly. 

So start by researching digital marketing companies or agencies in your target industry or market. Look for agencies that align with your preferred writing niche or content type you excel in writing. For example, if you specialize in e-commerce or SaaS, you can approach agencies that provide related services. 

Before you apply, visit the agency’s website, familiarize yourself with their services, and ensure you have an outstanding portfolio. Be sure to approach the right person within the organization. Otherwise, your pitch or message will be ignored or deleted.

Create a Website and Generate Inbound Writing Leads
This is an effective way to find content writing jobs for students in India. You can use the free option of WordPress and other similar platforms or the paid options (if you have the money to invest). The reality is that creating your website allows you to generate quality inbound leads – potential clients looking for excellent content. 

Most students don’t know that the best way to improve content writing skills is to write more. Having a website allows you to write and publish your content regularly. You are also likely to find that growing an audience makes it easier to connect with potential clients so that you never have to use cold pitching to generate leads. 

Remember, you don’t need coding or much money to launch a website. Several CMS platforms and website builders cater to users with limited resources and no coding skills. These include Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace. You can use your website as a portfolio. So, create and share great content.

Use Google to find Businesses looking for Writers
An easy and effective way to find content writing jobs for students is to use Google search. Enter the keyword ‘looking for writer’ in Google’s search box, and you will get search results highlighting companies looking for freelance content writers. Just ignore the informative articles and listicles and focus on the companies that posted actual jobs. 

Other search keywords include ‘need technical writers,’ ‘freelance writers needed,’ and ‘writers wanted.’ Also, you can use keywords related to your niche, such as ‘looking for e-commerce writers’ or ‘looking for SaaS writers.’ This strategy can give you a list of potential clients and then send customized emails to these organizations.

Pitch to Ads on Job Boards
Suppose you are new to freelance content writing and want to find reliable writing gigs. In that case, responding to board ads, particularly on job boards, is your best bet. It’s also the best way most new writers find consistent work. 

Small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs often post job ads on writing job boards to connect with writers. You can respond to these ads. Ensure you pitch an ad for a remote job that allows the flexibility you need to balance your studies with work. Some of the top job boards include Contena, Problogger, MediaBistro, Writers Work, and Blogging Pro. 

Note that some platforms allow writers to set up alerts to get notified whenever a new job is posted. You can also sign up for a newsletter (when possible) to get job alerts directly to your email. This is a free way to hunt freelance writing jobs; you don’t need a website. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many content writing gigs online, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them. While landing paid writing jobs isn’t easy, you can still learn how to find well-paid content writing jobs for students. Implement any or combination of the abovementioned strategies to find a writing gig.

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